Freitag, 22. August 2008

Heute mal wieder ein kleines aber feines Bild. Ist eine Auftragsarbeit. Genaueres wird aber noch nicht verraten. xoxo Guido


sunyboys hat gesagt…

hi everybody…im sunny , and im realy happy to join here with you!!!
i do comic for gays…as myself…how enjoy to read some sexy and hot comics…as i myself always do !!!
frome now on i put my artworcks here and share it with you guys…hope you like it…and hope that you help me to geting better on this…
oh yes…and i love to find many gay artist freand here…so come and view my profile…sunnyboys comic…thanks!

Estudiocomik hat gesagt…

This is an excellent drawing, is very well done!

Anonym hat gesagt…



Jeff hat gesagt…

hello guido,

can you please get in touch with us. we are organizing a gay art exhibition in Spain and would like to talk with you about the possibilities..